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We at Brevard Bottoms are boat owners, sailboat racers, certified divers, surfers, and photographers with more than a decade of professional experience.  We know our way around a deck (and a lens), and aim to provide the greatest service to boaters on Florida's Space Coast in the greater Brevard County area.  

We offer an ever-expanding range of services, and pride ourselves on our unparalleled customer service experience and the paramount quality of our work.  Our online user interface is the subject of continuous refinement with the singular goal of taking the work out of you owning your boat.  You come to us to make your life easier, and that's precisely what we aim to do.

You didn't buy a boat to clean it.  Life's hard enough.   Contact or schedule today for the greatest experience you'll ever have with a company whose sole aim is to help you spend more time doing what you love on the water.  Brevard Bottoms.  Let us clean YOUR bottom.

Let's face it...barnacles suck.  So does holding your breath and flailing around in nasty marina water to do a chore that's generally considered about as pleasant as a root canal.  Of course, the best part is the gut-punch realization that you'll get to do it all over again in a few short weeks.  Why put up with this madness?  

Good news, chum.  You don't have to.  Welcome to Brevard Bottoms, the premium choice for boat care on Florida's sunny east coast.  Maybe we're masochists.  Maybe we're nuts.  Maybe our love for the water has just gone a little too far.  Whatever the case may be, we love the feeling of leaving a vessel in ship shape and we love meeting the people that willingly suffer these glorious labors of love.

A marina at sunset full of boats
YES! We are insured!
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