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Boat in need of a clean bottom?  Tired of that scrubby lookin' rando who goes under your boat for 15 minutes and says "yup, all good," just to take your hard-earned cash and leave you scarcely better than before?  Tired of searching for months just to find someone who can actually do what they say they can do?

At Brevard Bottoms, we're committed to making your boat-owning experience the source of relaxation it was always supposed to be.  Boats are a heck of a lot of work, but at least you don't have to do the gnarliest chore of them all - the ones that involve going in the drink.  Let us take you back to you why you got a boat in the first place: to ENJOY it.  Our policy is a staunchly defended "trust-but-verify" - we're honored that our clients trust us, but we don't think you should have to.  We provide inspections, photos, reports, and encourage anyone brave enough to jump in there to check our work.  

No matter what you need, we've got your back. We change propellers and anodes, replace parts, find those keys you dropped (again)...whatever you need, if it's in the deep, we're on it.  Make sure to help us out, though, and include your boat's size, condition, and all of the services that you'd like to have done on the form below.  We'll get right back to you with a full breakdown...  We're nice like that.

Come join us at the Bottoms, the water's fi...well...let's be honest, it's gross. 

See ya soon!

Serving the greater Brevard County

area of sunny seaside Florida

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